About Allspice

Our Philosophy

Allspice is a culinary Institute with a mission to be amongst the best culinary and hospitality Institutes and to positively influence the quality of culinary services available in the world today. Allspice Institute produces well-trained and globally-recognised culinary and hospitality professionals. At Allspice Institute, our meticulously curated training programs facilitate appreciation and exploration of global heritage cuisines and international culinary philosophies and traditions. At the same time, we also help our students stay on trend with current modern cuisine innovations and discoveries. Our team of passionate professional chefs and mentors nurture and guide students towards achieving their true potential in a supportive, interactive and engaging environment. We believe in diversity and offer courses of cuisines from around the globe, including Korean temple food, authentic Japanese cuisine, Peranakan, local Singapore cuisine, Thai and Indian food and popular European dishes.

Our Vision

To be among Asia's leading educational institutions and to elevate standards and quality.

Our Mission

Empowering individuals to become confident global professionals by inculcating skills and knowledge to excel.

Our Values

Excellence is our cornerstone, integrity our compass, and innovation our driving force.

Our Culture

We recognise people's talents as our assets to be nurtured towards achieving their potential in a supportive and innovative environment

Three Pillars (as guidance):

Heritage: Celebrating the diverse diasporas that constitute Singapore, and our own melting pot of global influences
Aspiration: Recognizing and forging trends and headways, and best practices
Wellness: Unlocking potential by Nurturing the Balance within

About the Founder

Mr Clarence Ling

Founder & Principal of Allspice Institute

Clarence Ling has been working in the food industry in both the retail and education front. Apart from running one of the best culinary schools in Singapore, he has also been the owner of a gourmet sandwich cafe, and restaurants serving Western cuisine. Through his companies, he has been supporting various charities and helping communities locally and abroad.

Founder's Note

Food plays a central role in all our lives. To enjoy the history and culture of a place, you must relish the taste that its food brings to the table. Having owned and managed several food establishments, I believe that a good solid education enhances the skill set of anyone dreaming of a career in the food and hospitality industry. Food is not only to be enjoyed; it gives us comfort, essential nutrients and enhances our overall well being. The whole process from Farm to Table is ever-changing and adapting to the global demands. An apt education can provide that jumpstart you need to enter this massive industry. I hope Allspice can play a small but essential role for those who join us in exploring ways to improve their knowledge and skills.

Mr Clarence Ling

Our Chefs

Chef Sakthivel Karuppiah

Executive Head Chef & COO

Trained in both Asian and European cuisines, Chef Sakthi brings unexpected and exciting techniques and flavours together in fusion with local culinary taste. He oversees the administration and operations at Allspice Institute while also designing menus and oversees the culinary aspects of the Institute.

Chef Anup Kumar

Baking & Pastry

A graduate of Allspice Institute, Chef Anup has since pursued culinary training and experience around Asia. He studied North Indian cooking in Delhi, creative Thai fruit carving and Thai cooking in Bangkok (Blue Elephant) and plant-based raw food meal preparation certified by the Canadian Institute, Rouxbe. Back in Singapore, he learnt cake decoration at the Wilton School. He worked in a Japanese kitchen and a cake factory under the Pokka food chain before rejoining Allspice to oversee and manage the culinary Institute, focusing on baking and pastry.

Chef Ambrose Poh

Peranakan & Heritage Cuisine​

Chef Ambrose, a graduate of the pioneer SHATEC in Singapore, is an award-winning chef with over 20 years of experience in banqueting, and fine dining for local and international hotels, restaurants and resort casinos. He has worked with chefs Violet Oon and Tony Khoo and became the youngest executive chef at the Singapore Turf Club, in charge of creating menus for presidents, royalty and other VIPs. In Australia, he worked with 300 chefs from all over the world, while his more recent endeavours included setting up the company kitchen for Facebook’s new Singapore office.

Chef Anna Eio

Chef Trainer

Australian-trained in Hospitality Management, Chef Anna has managed a Bistro serving Euro-Asian Cuisine in Australia. After returning to Singapore, she has set up & managed operations for a new Dim Sum Restaurant. After many years in the F&B Industry, Chef Anna returns to her passion in training. Embracing the art of culinary & bread making by upskilling her knowledge & skills over the years and returning to her roots in Peranakan cuisine and culture. Trained by a 3rd Generation Sushi Chef from Japan, she now imparts her knowledge & skills in preparing sushi at Allspice Institute since 2015.

Chef Doreen Ling

Korean Cuisine

Graduate diploma in culinary. Chef Ling trained in Miyajima Ramen School before working as a Ramen Chef in Ramen Champion. She won two championships and gained valuable experience from learning through doing. Cooking has been Chef Ling’s passion from a young age, she decided to turn that passion into a career and immerse herself in the world of cooking. She has used her skills to advance the learning of others by becoming both a Trainer and Assessor.


Sakthivel Karuppiah

Anup Kumar

Ambrose Poh

Tricia Lim

Ian Favacho

Awards & Recognition


World Gourmet Summit:

Best Hospitality Institution of the Year.

Allspice Institute is proud to win this prestigious award – April 2018

WGS Awards of Excellence



World’s Largest Cupcake Mosaic

Allspice Institute contributed with advice and guidance for fondant preparation, cupcake baking processes and mosaic assembly. Over 500 participants and volunteers completed the mosaic with 29,610 cupcakes.

August 2015 

Largest Chinese Character Made of Pineapple Tarts

Allspice Institute & SCS Butter planned, prepared and executed this event. Mentioned in the Singapore Book of Records, 1,628 participants made a total of 106,672 pieces of pineapple tarts which were distributed to needy families.

August 2017 

Singapore book of Records

Lam Soon Singapore engaged the services of chefs from Allspice Institute to guide parents and kids in making sushi using its Naturel brown rice and other products. A total of 292 people took part in the activity at the Kid’s World Fair at Singapore Expo on 11 Nov 2017. The company shared the government’s effort to promote the consumption of brown rice.

August 2017 

Singapore book of Records 

Largest Word Formation made with Cookies


Hospitality Institution of the Year

Supported by Singapore Tourism Board (Presented by Marrone)



Here are some of the big brands that Allspice has collaborated and are still in collaboration.

Success Stories

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Community Outreach

From Good Friday to Christmas Day celebrations, CSR activities at Allspice never end. We believe in going green in sustainable living and are constantly looking for outreach programs to associate with.