Short Course

Certificate in Domestic Management

18 Hrs

Course Brief

Transform your new housekeeper into an extraordinary domestic manager, prepare popular Asian cuisine using different cooking methods and techniques, understanding a different culinary culture and foundational hospitality service.

This program allows you to gain knowledge and skills in becoming a professional domestic help with multiple Culinary practical lessons, a complimentary session in Hospitality, food storage, safety and handling, personal hygiene & deportment, table setting and serving

1. Each learner will be given a set of fresh ingredients to recreate the same dishes they learn at the institute in their home.
2. Learners will become competent ‘Domestic chefs’ equipped to prepare a balance healthy meal with a variety of dishes.
3. Learners will be trained to budget shop for best ingredients and present and lay the table and serve.

Learners will attend 5 Culinary practical lessons, where they will learn different types of dishes from different regions and its culture. In addition, they are entitled to attend a complimentary session in Hospitality.
1. Proper storage of ingredients, cooked food, raw food & dry ingredients.
2. Safe Food Handling
3. Recipes and Hands-on training of 9 dishes comprising of different cuisines e.g. Western, Chinese, Peranakan, Indian & Thai
4. Training in personal hygiene & deportment, table settings, service professional

18 Hrs (10am-1pm)
Full Time (1 week) – Mon-Sat
Part Time (6 weeks) – Once a week

Certificate in Domestic Management (Level 1)

-Valid work permit
– Ability to understand, speak, read and write basic English
– Basic knowledge in Kitchen hygiene and food safety

  • Enrolment is subject to course availability
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed
  • Course is conducted in English, therefore proficiency in the language is a requirement
  • Course content and fees are subject to change
  • Learners who drop out prior to successful course completion are still required to pay the the full course fee and will not receive any SOAs or certificate
  • The Fee Protection Scheme (FPS) must be purchased prior to course commencement
  • Due to strict food safety requirements all food items from practical classes can only be consumed at the institute. In the event, if you are packing to take-home, must follow the food safety guidelines.
  • Please refer to our Student Handbook
    • For Refund Policy
    • Abide to the student code of conduct
  • Learners are required to meet the following criteria in order to obtain their relevant certificates:
  • Minimum attendance of 90% and above;
  • Pass all assessments required by the course;

Fee Breakdown

Course FeeS$450
Admin FeeS$20
Tool Kit*S$30
Net Fees PayableS$540

*Toolkit: Apron, Knife, Measuring spoon, Measuring Cup

1. Submit the Course Application Form
2. Pay the full Course Fee as outlined in the Payment Invoice prior to start date.
3. Official Receipt will be issued upon clearing the payment.

Course Schedule

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