Up-Skilling Courses

Kashmiri Biriyani (Indian)

3 Hours
10am – 1pm

Chef Sakthi

Trained in both Asian and European cuisines, Chef Sakthi brings unexpected and exciting techniques and flavours together in fusion with local culinary taste. He oversees the administration and operations at Allspice Institute while also designing menus and managing food and beverages.


  • Fully prepped kitchen space
  • All the ingredients
  • Necessary utensils and equipment
  • Recipe
  • Age 16 years & above
  • Holds basic knowledge of knife skills and cooking techniques


  • Certificate of Participation

3 hours
10am – 1pm


  1. Chicken Dum Biryani
  2. Tasty Baingan
  3. Condiments (Raita, crackers pre-prepared by chef to serve with Rice)

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  • Participants need to wear covered shoe and comfortable clothing (Non-revealing)
  • No-refund, Cancellation of class 3 days before the actual course start date
  • Participants are expected to behave respectfully towards classmates and staff of Allspice
  • Trainees must adhere to all the Food Hygiene & Safety practices implemented by Allspice.
  • Assigned chef may change without prior notice

$98.00 + GST

Course Date

4 June 2023

S$ 98