Short Course

Nonya Kueh

4 Hours
9am – 1pm

The ultimate short course for learning to prepare Nyonya Kueh. Become an expert in bite sized cakes, snacks and sweets that are suitable for all occasions. Prepare a tray of the most flavourful and colourful delicacies with the most popular Nyonya Kueh dishes with expert chef Ambrose.

Chef Ambrose

A graduate of the pioneer SHATEC in Singapore, is an award-winning chef with over 20 years experience in banqueting, fine dining for local and international hotels, restaurants and resort casinos. He worked with chefs Violet Oon and Tony Khoo, and became the youngest executive chef at the Singapore Turf Club, in charge of creating menus for presidents, royalty and other VIPs. In Australia, he worked with 300 chefs from all over the world, while his more recent endeavours include setting up the company kitchen for Facebook’s new Singapore office.


  •  Kueh salat
  •  Ondeh ondeh
  •  Pulut panggang
  • Age 16 years & above
  • Understand Basic knife skill and cooking techniques Practices

5-12 pax

  • Certificate of Attendance from Allspice Institute
  • Apron (customised name printed)
  • Allspice spice mix
  • $10 Allspice Voucher

4 hours
9am – 1pm


1. Kueh salat
2. Ondeh ondeh
3. Pulut panggang

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– Full fee needs to pay week advance to confirm the course
– Participants need to wear covered shoe and comfortable clothing (Non-revealing)
– No-refund, Cancellation of class 3 days before the actual course start date
– Participants are expected to behave respectfully towards classmates and staff of Allspice
– Trainees must adhere to all the Food Hygiene & Safety practices implemented by Allspice.

$150.00 + GST

Course Date

November 27th 2022

S$ 150

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