1.3 About This Course

Heart of Asian Peranakan Cuisine’ Course Information

Learning Outcome:

  • You will learn the multicultural Asian spices and depth of flavours in Asian Peranakan cuisine.
  • The course will give a broad spectrum of the cooking techniques of the Asian Peranakan kitchen.
  • The complete course provides the fundamentals of preparing Asian Peranakan food in the context of international cuisines.


  • This professional level course includes the organisation of an Asian kitchen as well as planning for efficient food preparation.
  • The multi-cultural heritage of the Asian Peranakans is explained for an enhanced understanding of the cuisine.
  • A showcase of the cuisine in various occasions is provided for added understanding of how to suitably present Asian Peranakan food in an international context.
  • Authentic recipes are from Peranakan Chef Trainer Ambrose Poh. 

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