1.4 Course Structure and Assessment Plan

Course Description :

Heart of Asian Peranakan Cuisine is a culinary journey into the soul of Asia. Multiple Asian cooking methods and flavours from different Asian cultures are present in Asian Peranakan Cuisine. Asian dining for various occasions is also presented to demonstrate the authentic heritage context of Asian Peranakan Cuisine.

Asian cuisine preparation techniques and different Asian Peranakan dishes are covered in this course. Professional and vocational elements are provided with suggestions for internationally available ingredients and sources.

Guided by detailed video instructions, learners will also have recipe guidance, group discussion forums and interaction with the Chef Trainer.

This course is suitable for learners with proficient basic Western/Asian culinary skills; food safety, knife skills.

Assessment Plan and Weightage

Each module is reviewed after the lessons are completed. All modules are assessed on practical or quiz answer Module Assessment submissions.

There will be a Final Assessment for the course after the completion of all modules.

The Course Achievement Level will be based XX% on the Final Assessment, XX% on the Module Assessment, and module completion.

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