3.2 Necessary Tools and Equipment for this Course

Course Tools and Equipment List

Electric Grinder

An electric grinder is used instead of a mortar and pestle to save time grinding moist or wet ingredients. 

Electric Chopper (dry ingredients)

An electric chopper, such as might be used for coffee beans, is used for dry ingredients such as beans, nuts, and dried spices and herbs.


This dries out herbs, meats, and other ingredients, saving time. 


This is an all-purpose and versatile cooking vessel, used for everything from steaming, stir-frying, deep-frying, smoking, to braising.


A steamer may be used for anything requiring steaming, such as fish and meat dishes, rice, and steamed snacks and kueh, freeing up the wok for other tasks.


An extremely useful labour and time saving device, a Thermomix is a food processor, mixer, and cooker in one. 

Rice Cooker

A rice cooker is primarily used for cooking rice, as the name suggests, but can also be used for soups and porridges.

Slow Cooker

An electric slow cooker is a safe way of making stews, braised dishes, and soups that require long cooking over low heat, without the dangers of an open flame.

Deep Fryer

A dedicated deep fryer is useful for deep-frying meat, seafood, fish, and vegetables, freeing up the wok for other tasks. 


A convection oven (electric or gas-operated) with adjustable timers and temperatures is used for precision baking and roasting. 


A microwave oven is useful for defrosting frozen ingredients and quick cooking. 

Chopsticks (wooden not plastic)

Long wooden chopsticks are used for manipulating food being cooked in a wok. These should be made of bamboo or wood, as plastic often melts at high temperatures.

Wok Spatula

A wok spatula is best for cooking with a wok. 


Strainers are used for clarifying and clearing scum off soups and stews, as well as separating solids from liquids.


A colander or kitchen sieve is used for washing and draining vegetables, or straining noodles or cooked grains.


A blancher is used for cooking noodles, and blanching vegetables and thinly-sliced meat. This is far more efficient than using a strainer or chopsticks to fish food out bit by bit. 


In addition to long cooking chopsticks, tongs are another useful option. 

Steam Combi Oven

A combi oven is a convection steam oven, allowing browning like in a regular oven, but with steam options, allowing food to retain more moisture, colour, and nutrients. 

Chafing Dishes and Covers

A metal chafing dish/pan with a cover allows food to be kept warm while waiting. It is also used on a stand where there is space below for an alcohol-based flame to warm the food.

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