Terms & Conditions

In compliance with Personal Data Protection Act, you have consented to allow us (Allspice) to contact you through your telephone number(s) via voice call / phone call, SMS, MMS and / or email to update you on our upcoming courses and events such as (but not limited to)talks, workshops, SSG courses, SkillsFuture Courses etc. and for the purpose of processing, administration of applications /registrations.Additionally, videos and photographs may be taken during such course/event and you have consented to the use of them by Allspice for marketing purposes.

Allspice InstitutePte Ltd., understands that your privacy is very important and therefore, we are committed to safeguarding all personal information provided by you with great effort. Allspice InstitutePte Ltd.will at no time, share your personal details with a third party without your consent, and all your personal data will be kept strictly confidential.

If however, you wish to withdraw your consent to receive updates from us, please email us at admin1@allspice.edu.sgor call us on 6276 0760 and we will update our records based on your request.

I joined the above Program / Event organised by ALLSPICE INSTITUTE PTE. LTD. and agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations set by ALLSPICE INSTITUTE PTE. LTD. I am fully aware of the possible risks involved and accept the same, notwithstanding the fact that this Program / Event is intended only for those without medical problems and who are fit enough to indulge in physical activities. I confirm that I am taking part on my own volition, and I shall not hold ALLSPICE INSTITUTE PTE. LTD., its servants and organisers responsible or in any way liable for my death, injury, disability or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from any cause in connection with the Program / Event or my participation therein.