Prepare Sushi



In Japanese culture, Sushi is considered an art form. The fine techniques of this art form is demonstrated and learned by practice in this module.


Learning & Assessment

LEARNING will be through demonstration, hands-on practice, lecture and discussion as will as using online resources.

ASSESSMENT will involve a practical demonstration and simple oral questions. The online resources will help you prepare for both assessments.


Learning Outcomes

On completion of this module, learners will have the knowledge and skills in preparing Sushi and be able to apply them in the workplace. These include:

1. Sushi Rice
2. Maki Sushi
3. Nigiri Sushi
4. Gunkan Sushi
5. Temaki Sushi



Click on the topic names below for access to Slides, Recipes and Videos 


The Quiz

Test your knowledge once you have learned all the above 5 topics in this module.

Please Note

On Day 5 of your course you will have two assessments at Allspice Institute, namely a Practical Assessment (PA) and an Oral Questioning (OQ) Assessment. ​ Therefore, please ensure to go through all the learning material made available to you on our eLearning platform and do the Quiz by the END OF DAY 4 of your course. ​ If you need support, feel free to contact Allspice staff.



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Learners Guide

Lecture Slides

Begin Japanology - Sushi Video

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