Allspice professional certification course in Peranakan cuisine will help you gain the cultural and heritage knowledge as well as practical culinary skills to produce Peranakan dishes and find a job-related placement in this exciting industry. The curriculum is well structured and filled with interesting videos. Following the practical exam, if successful, you will receive the Certificate of Completion.



Asian Peranakan History

Cooking Utensils

Flavours and Flavourings

Principle Of Cooking

Dry Heat Methods Part 1

Dry Heat Methods Part 2

Moist Heat Methods

Funtamental Of Combi-heat Method

Salad & Dressing
Stock & Soup
Meat & Poutlry
Fish & Shellfish
Rice & Noodles
Fermentation & Pickling

Module 18

One Meal

Module 19

High Tea

Module 19


Module 20

Festivals & Ceremonies

Module 21

Festivals & Ceremonies

Module 22

Final Assessment