Short Course

Appetite Support Nourishment Confinement Food

( Confinement Food)

5 Hours


  • Fully prepped kitchen space
  • All the ingredients
  • Necessary utensils and equipment
  • Recipe
  • Age 18 years & above
  • Certificate of Attendance

5 hours


  1. Chinese herb fried eggs
  2. Egg omelet infused with rice wine
  3. Steam fish with ginger wine
  4. Herbal noodles
  5. Ginger eggs fried rice with red rice wine
  6. Black bean tea with Chinese date
  7. Stew chicken thigh & hard boil eggs with black vinegar
  8. Chinese saffron flower and scallops soup
  9. Fried sesame oil kai lan vegetable with minced chicken meat
  10. Fried Chinese spinach vegetable with minced chicken meat

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  • Full fee needs to pay week advance to confirm the course
  • Participants need to wear covered shoe and comfortable clothing (Non-revealing)
  • No-refund, Cancellation of class 3 days before the actual course start date
  • Participants are expected to behave respectfully towards classmates and staff of Allspice
  • Trainees must adhere to all the Food Hygiene & Safety practices implemented by Allspice.