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February 2023

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Chef Anup Kumar

A graduate from Allspice Institute, Anup has since gone on to pursue culinary training and experience around Asia. He studied North Indian cooking in Delhi, creative Thai fruit carving and Thai cooking in Bangkok (Blue Elephant) and plant-based raw food meal preparation certified by the Canadian institute, Rouxbe. Back in Singapore, he learnt cake decoration at the Wilton School, worked in a Japanese kitchen and a cake factory under the Pokka food chain before rejoining Allspice to oversee and manage the Culinary School, focusing on baking and pastry.

What's Included?


  • Fully prepped kitchen space
  • All the ingredients
  • Necessary utensils and equipment
  • Recipe
  • Age 16 years & above
  • Holds basic knowledge of knife skills and cooking techniques


  • Certificate of Participation
  • Apron (customised name printed)
  • Bottle of Biryani spice powder mix (20gm)
  • $10 Allspice Voucher

4 hours
9am – 1pm


  1. Kashmiri Lamb Dum Biryani
  2. Kashmiri Baingan
  3. Kashmiri Semolina Phirni
  4. Condiments (Raita, crackers pre-prepared by chef to serve with Rice)

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  • You will be required to pay full fee before a week to confirm the course
  • Participants need to wear covered shoe and comfortable clothing (Non-revealing)
  • No-refund, Cancellation of class 3 days before the actual course start date
  • Participants are expected to behave respectfully towards classmates and staff of Allspice
  • Trainees must adhere to all the Food Hygiene & Safety practices implemented by Allspice.
  • Assigned chef may change without prior notice

$180.00 + GST

Allspice Institute

Allspice is a culinary Institute with a mission to be amongst the best culinary and hospitality Institutes and to positively influence the quality of culinary services available in the world today. Allspice Institute produces well-trained and globally-recognised culinary and hospitality professionals. At Allspice Institute, our meticulously curated training programs facilitate appreciation and exploration of global heritage cuisines and international culinary philosophies and traditions. At the same time, we also help our students stay on trend with current modern cuisine innovations and discoveries.

Mr Clarence Ling

Founder & CEO of Allspice Institute

Clarence Ling has been working in the food industry on both the retail and education front. Apart from running one of the best culinary schools in Singapore, he has also been the owner of a gourmet sandwich cafe, and a Brazilian and Italian restaurant. Through his companies, he has been supporting various charities and helping the local communities and abroad.


Years Active & Counting


Awards & Recognition




Multicultural Cuisines


Online Tutorial Videos



Why Choose Allspice Institute?

Because you are ready to create culinary magnificence for a living.

Allspice Institute offers a wealth of information and tools to enter the world of culinary arts and equips you with the required skill set to master multiple cuisines in the culinary, food and beverage industry.


Onsite & Online Courses

Choose from various onsite and online courses that cater to all types of students, from beginners to professional chefs.


Business-Focused Curriculum

Our programs are crafted to prepare you for the real world: the culinary, hospitality, food and beverage industries, all of which require a certain standard of quality, efficiency, knowledge and initiative.


Affordable Institute Education

Financial aid in the form of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) is available for eligible candidates.

Awards & Recognition


World Gourmet Summit:

Best Hospitality Institution of the Year.

Allspice Institute is proud to win this prestigious award – April 2018

WGS Awards of Excellence



World’s Largest Cupcake Mosaic

Allspice Institute contributed with advice and guidance for fondant preparation, cupcake baking processes and mosaic assembly. Over 500 participants and volunteers completed the mosaic with 29,610 cupcakes.

August 2015 

Largest Chinese Character Made of Pineapple Tarts

Allspice Institute & SCS Butter planned, prepared and executed this event. Mentioned in the Singapore Book of Records, 1,628 participants made a total of 106,672 pieces of pineapple tarts which were distributed to needy families.

August 2017 

Singapore book of Records

Lam Soon Singapore engaged the services of chefs from Allspice Institute to guide parents and kids in making sushi using its Naturel brown rice and other products. A total of 292 people took part in the activity at the Kid’s World Fair at Singapore Expo on 11 Nov 2017. The company shared the government’s effort to promote the consumption of brown rice.

August 2017 

Singapore book of Records 

Largest Word Formation made with Cookies


Hospitality Institution of the Year

Supported by Singapore Tourism Board (Presented by Marrone)


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Success Stories

Look at the journey of some of our famous alumni who made it big in the culinary world.

Daniel Heng, Vegan Sushi

Before his introduction to Allspice Institute, Daniel Heng used to provide sushi for local shops. He had learnt just one recipe from a YouTube video, which he found easy to make at home. But there was so much more he wanted to learn, so his culinary passion led him to Allspice Institute, on the recommendation of an alumnus friend. While he was used to sushi-making, Japanese Cuisine opened a whole new world for him. The concepts, techniques and in-depth knowledge provided in the course gave him the tools to make his sushi-shop dream come true. After the course, he was geared up to open his own vegan Japanese sushi stall by highlighting what he learnt at Allspice Institute about the importance of vegan ingredients and their nutritional benefits. “I believe a good trainer can make a huge difference in learning. I want to thank Miss Anna for all her patience, encouragement and inspiration for us,” says Heng.

Riya Basir

With her online food business, Riya Basir served halal fusion food. She was keen to expand her culinary repertoire to Korean cuisine, which she would later add to her menu. So when she attended a workshop on Korean cuisine, Riya was delighted to learn new cooking techniques, interesting hacks and tricks that would elevate her food business. Says Basir, “All the trainers I crossed paths with have inspired me. Chef Ambrose’s culinary experience and knowledge of Korean cooking overwhelmed me. Duration also shared some good tips with me.” When asked about her experience at Allspice Institute, she said,” The staff is very helpful and accommodating, which I greatly appreciate.” She has already recommended Allspice Institute to her friends, who are excited to enrol.

Xia Ping

Xia Ping was introduced to Allspice through her friend, colleague and course organiser Vera Lim. Inspired by various chefs at Allspice, such as Chef SY & Anup, Xia learnt to craft mini baguettes and chapatis, making her even more interested in taking advanced courses. Xia owes her success to Allspice, with experts like Chef Chris Wong and Ambrose Poh backing her up, without whom she says she wouldn’t learn on her own with YouTube self tutorials. She strongly recommends Allspice to all aspiring home chefs, thanks to the expert advice and live demonstration she has received at the Institute.

Yvonne NG

Yvonne NG was always fascinated watching videos of food influencers online, and that’s when she decided she wanted to learn how to make professional sushi. A friend recommended her to Allspice Institute, where she did a short course. While training in sushi making, Yvonne was pleased with the knowledge and skills she learnt from Chef Anna and Amelia. She also credits her success to Chef Anup, who guided her to take up the challenge. Allspice gave her the platform and the push to hone her baking and culinary skills, thanks to which she got better business and excellent client feedback.


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