Singapore Life

The energetic city is also the first in the world for International business meetings, alongside favourites like Paris and Vienna. Singapore’s vibrant culinary scene is bolstered by international events like the annual World Gourmet Summit and the Singapore Food Festival. Known to many as the food capital of Asia, the city offers a mélange of cuisines from all over the world. The multitude of restaurants in Singapore easily exceeds 20,000. Over 120,000 people help provide some of the world’s best cuisines round-the-clock. Singapore is where everyone finds a unique experience.

Living as a student in Singapore

Monthly Expenses in Singapore:

Accomodation: S$400-S$1500

Food: S$300-S$500

Public Transport: S$90-S$160

Telecommunications: S$30-S$50

Medical Support: S$50++ per visit

Things to Do on a Student Budget

1. Visit the Singapore Art Museum: You can enter the museum and follow a guided tour of the greatest masterpieces of established and amateur artists. Admission is free!

2. Walk over the MacRitchie Reservoir:If you are a natural enthusiast, go for a walk on the 250m long suspension bridge over the green and lush MacRitchie Reservoir. The forest canopy view is breathtaking.

3. Try karaoke at Teo Heng KTV Studio: By far, the cheapest place to test your singing chops: Teo Heng KTV Studio charges per room per hour, which turns out to be value-for-money!

4. Relax in West Coast Park: This is one of Singapore’s biggest parks, with exciting activities for children and young adults. So the park is open whether you are into sports, games or just relaxing on the grass!

5. Visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens:  The botanic gardens are gorgeous if you want to spend a day walking through beautiful natural scenery and getting some alone time or meeting friends. Entry to most areas is entirely free.

6. Meet friends over coffee at Tiong Bahru:

Full of cafes and eateries, Tiong Bahru is a one-stop shop for all social affairs. Hang out with friends, go on a date, eat and drink your way around, or shop to your heart’s content. This one’s a popular spot for teenagers and young adults.