Prepare Complex Chinese Moist-Heat Dishes

24 hrs (3.5days)

Course Brief

The objective of this training module is to equip learners with the ability to prepare various types of complex Chinese Moist-Heat dishes.

Prepare Complex Chinese Moist-Heat Dishes is a 3.5 day programme that consists of theory, practical performance and assessment.
This programme allows you to gain the knowledge and skill in preparing various types of complex Chinese Moist-Heat dishes.
It is a SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) accredited programme, which is funded and claimable from SkillsFuture credits (for eligible partcipants)
Course Reference Number: TGS-2018502381
Upon completion of the course, you will receive an SOA (Statement of Attainment) (e-Cert) in Chinese Moist-Heat Dishes Preparation and Cooking-3 (FSS-FBS-3006-1.2)

Learning Units:
1.Use the correct tools and equipment to prepare Chinese Dim sum dishes
2. Prepare ingredients according to the instructions provided by Chinese Dim sum dishes recipe.
3. Prepare various types of Chinese Dim sum dishes using different cooking techniques.
4. Store final Chinese Dim sum dishes appropriately to prolong shelf-life.
5. Reinstate work stations after preparing Chinese Dim sum dishes

Recipes Included:
1. Shanghai Gou Tie
2. Braised Bean Curd Roll
3. Stuffed Chinese Mushroom
4. Marinated Jellyfish Salad
5. Lo Mai Gai
6. Vegetarian Shark Fin Soup

  • 15 Pax
  • Ratio: 1-15
  • 1Trainer – 15 Trainees

3.5 days (24 Hrs)
Day 1: 9am -5pm
Day 2: 9am – 5pm
Day 3: 9am – 5pm
Day 4: 3 Hrs of assessment

  • Certificate of Attendance from Allspice Institute
  • Statement of Attainment from SSG
  • Primary School education
  • Basic proficiency in English language (equivalent to WPL2)

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Course Fee

Fee BreakdownSingaporeans/SPRs/LTVP+Holders (SME-sponsored) Subsidy Upo 70%Singaporeans – MCES (Self-sponsored) (Non-SME sponsored) Subsidy Upo 70%Singaporeans/SPRs/LTVP+Holders (Self-sponsored ≥ Years old) (Non-SME sponsored) Subsidy Upo 50%Foreigners/ Others
Course Fee SGD 600SGD 600SGD 600SGD 600
GST 9%SGD 54SGD 54SGD 54SGD 54
SSG Funding* SGD 420SGD 420SGD 300
Net Fees Payable SGD 234SGD 234SGD 354SGD 654

  • Prices are subject to change. 
  • SkillsFuture Credit (SFC) can be only eligible for self-sponsored trainees.
  • Absentee payroll can be only claimed for company-sponsored trainees.
  • Long Term Visit Pass Plus (LTVP+) funding support took effect from 1 Oct 2021, LTVP+ holders can be identified with their green visit pass cards, with the word ‘PLUS’ on the back of the card. 

Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy (MCES) Funding – up to 70% of Course Fee

Singaporeans aged 40 years old and above. For more information, please visit (

Enhanced Training Support for SMEs – up to 70% course Fee

For SMEs that meet all of the following criteria :

  1. Trainees must be Singaporeans or SPRs.
  2. Companies must be registered or incorporated in Singapore.
  3. Trainees must be fully sponsored by their employer for supportable cost components (such as course fees) incurred on the training course.
  4. Trainees must be full-time or permanent part-time employees of the sponsoring company, and continue to receive their salary when they attend training.
  5. Trainees must be hired in accordance with the Employment Act and fully sponsored by their employers for the course.
  6. Absentee payroll can be claimable after successfully completion of course.

SSG Funding – up to 50% of Course Fee

Singaporeans aged 21 to 39, SPRs and LTVP+ Holders. 

Absentee Payroll

Absentee Payroll, capped at $4.50/ Hr
Application through Enterprise portal jobs and skills. (

  1. Submit the Course Application Form.
  2. Upon receiving the course application Allspice Institute will contact the shortlisted applicant.
  3. If you meet the Admission Criteria, Allspice Institute will issue a Letter of Offer for the course.
  4. Kindly note that there is a $20 booking fee which will be refunded to you when you attend the class. 

Course Schedule

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